All you ever wanted to know about Me and Tee's

Everyone has a story and everyone's story is going to be much more interesting and much better written than this one will be. In fact, save yourself a few minutes and just stop reading right now. Maybe just tl;dr to the end where I'll probably say something silly like 'well, that's me in a nut shell!'

I am mom to 3. One is a senior in high school, one is heading off to Dubai for an internship and one is a fireman. I am mom to Lucy the purebred Cavalier and Ricky the rescue tabby cat. I am Twitter mom to anyone who needs an irreverent adult in their life.


Lucy and Ricky taking a nap


Lucy being naughty

I have always worked in fashion and have always, like many women, loved fashion. I tended to stick with the trends and not venture too crazy, but I always tried to have something in my outfit that stood out and was unique. An awesome necklace, I got to be known for my fabulous shoes at church (many a woman's dream)... something   made me and that outfit unique that day. I'm sure I'm not unique in that way 😃

For eight years worked a job that combined both fashion boutique and graphic design and loved working in both fields together. 

Changing several things up in my life, I wanted to find a way to work at both fashion and graphic design. Lucky me, I noticed the graphic tee! Graphic tee's are very on-trend...(really when had they gone away?)... yet I kept seeing the same graphic tee's everywhere. For example, a cute quote for a ladies teeshirt is 'boss babe' or 'boss lady'. A quick image search on Google for 'Boss Lady Tee' brings up pages of the same old, same old like on the left, mostly a template sold to mass teeshirt drop-ship companies, then mass-produced and sold wholesale online or in stores and boutiques: 

They are cute, they are also boring. And so much the same! 

I knew how to do this better! and so I did. And I didn't stop. 

So this is me. I'm pretty boring. 

But your teeshirt doesn't have to be! 

Oh and.... well, that's me in a nutshell.


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