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What's in a Name?

In the case of a gift, adding a name shows love...that you cared enough to be think ahead, to prepare. That you didn't just stop by the closest store on your way to the party. But instead that you thought about the recipient, your loved one well in advance. This...

Wanna Buy a Tee-Shirt?

If you are like me and you experience self-doubt every once in a while, (uhmm, fairly often actually if I'm honest) then you know how awesome it feels to be validated in some way.  Last week I submitted two of my designs to Cotton Bureau, a company that sells their...

All you ever wanted to know about Me and Tee's

Everyone has a story and everyone's story is going to be much more interesting and much better written than this one will be. In fact, save yourself a few minutes and just stop reading right now. Maybe just tl;dr to the end where I'll probably say something silly like 'well,...

Campaign Sign and Branding for Tali Bruce, Candidate for City Council

Tali wanted a sign in 'Brighton Blue' that reflects her huge support of Brighton High School and her community. The font selection matches the font closely to Brighton High's marquee, then I added a touch of feminine with her first name.

Meet Lucille, the name behind the brand

This cute little thing is Lucille. Lucille McWiggleBottoms. How cute is she?? I mean really, look at that face! She isn't always sleeping, but she is always my sweet shadow.

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